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Latest TechnologyFor the latest technology in advanced smart control of heating and cooling systems across Melbourne, call and speak with the professionals at ComfyFirst.


Control your heating and cooling systems using your phone from any location. When our experienced technician installs MyAir or the Pebble Wifi Controller in your home, you will receive a central unit that can communicate with all mayor heating and cooling brands. Both systems come with apps that, once installed on your phone, let you control heating and cooling systems remotely, from any location.


MyAirMyAir is Advantage Air’s premium AC management system with 10 zones and individual room airflow control. You will receive a high-end, 8-inch tablet to control MyAir and MyLights, which can also be used as a an android tablet.

Thanks to Advantage Air’s patented Exact Air Regulator (EAR), you will be able to regulate airflow into every room in segments of 5%. Install an Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensor and the system will automatically adjust the airflow to maintain your selected temperature.

MyAir features:

  • Compatibility with all mayor brands
  • 8-inch tablet controller
  • Modern interface
  • MyAir app for your phone or tablet
  • Option to add temperature sensors
  • Option to add energy-saving motion sensors


PebblePebble is an AC, Heat Pump controller which, once connected with your home wi-fi network and your heating and cooling units, lets you control those devices using your phone or tablet. Pebble Air application works with both android and iOS devices.

The pebble controller communicates with your devices using infra red diodes (IR emitters) which have a range of up to 15 meters. It's also equipped with internal temperature sensor which let's you see room temperature, live online using your phone.


ZoningBy installing a smart controller for your heating and cooling units, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and also save money in the process. You can reduce your bills by adjusting room temperatures precisely, avoid heating or cooling rooms when you are not there or setting up your heating or cooling system to come on just before you arrive home from work, so that you enter home with perfect temperature.


SatisfactionThere are no surprises with ComfyFirst. We'll always let you know the full cost of any installation, repair or service call BEFORE you proceed with the job.


We want you to be delighted with the service you receive and guarantee your satisfaction.

For the best in smart controllers across the Greater Melbourne region, depend on the best and call the friendly and professional team at ComfyFirst today.

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